Seed Pre Cleaner / Grain Cleaner

Seed Pre Cleaner / Grain Cleaner

  • The pre-cleaner is first and foremost designed to master pre-cleaning jobs at modern intake plants.
  • Furthermore it is also ideally suited to dress malting barley and milling grain to the highest quality commercial sample at a reduced throughput.

In standard construction, the pre cleaner machines are delivered with the following features:

  • The Machine is fitted with inlet with feed roll.
  • Machine having double aspiration system, the aspiration chamber is fitted with one waste auger.
  • The screen system consists of one sieveboat with 1 short scalping screen layer. 
  • Screen layer (1 screen part) and 2 long grading/sand screen layers (2 screen parts).
  • The machine has an integral fan, fixed speed drive, and motors. 

Material is fed into feeding spout, from where it is evenly distributed by a feed roller and dropped through a control gate on the top sieve. Before falling on the top screen, material is subjected to primary aspiration which drains off dust, chaff straw and other light impurities. Material then passes through three sieve layers for separation according to width and thickness. Final product and impurities are collected separately through discharge chutes.

Optional Accessories: Air Trunk, Surge Bin, Feeding Elevator